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The ESTCORP team members have been personally leading many complex and creative assignments to boost the technological, industrial and economic upgrading and attractiveness of Estonia – one of the smallest and most vibrant countries in Northern Europe. We continuously challenge ourselves in practicing new methods, solutions and institutional setups leading to positive change in our increasingly complex societies, effectiveness in global and state-affairs and dynamic development of economies.

This page shows our team members’ personal practical experiences (CV) with difference complex assignments and development projects over time. If you feel that we can be cooperative in similar issues, please write to:

Alpine Ski Team Estonia – 2014–2015

Alpine Ski Team Estonia (ASTE) is the national governing body of alpine skiing under the Estonian Ski Association. ESTCORP CEO Dr Ott Pärna served as a member of the Management Board of ASTE and led its rebranding and strategy development exercise into the modern National Racing and Fan Club – Alpine Ski Team Estonia. [/one_half_last]

Estonian Club of Economic Thinkers – 2013–

The Estonian Club of Economic Thinkers is an open club of Estonian major economists from universities, commercial banks, the Bank of Estonia, ministries, consultancy companies, enterprise organisations and associations, etc. The ESTCORP team initiated the club and is currently leading its activities, club meetings, etc.

New International Convention Centre – 2013–

FLEXI 360 Tallinn is an ongoing project of a new world class International Convention and Exhibition Centre at Tallinn Airport, 2 km from the Tallinn City Centre. Tallinn is one of Northern Europe’s most popular destinations with ca. 2 million annual tourists. Dedicated to delivering inspiring and creatively developed events, the new innovative convention centre is planned to be fully multifunctional and the most technologically advanced in the Nordics. The project is lead by the ESTCORP team together with Mainor Ülemiste Smart City Ltd.

FinanceEstonia – 2011

The establishment of a public-private cluster initiative with the mission of establishing Estonia as a vibrant and innovative location for financial services. The FinanceEstonia cluster is drawn from across the financial sector including financiers, professional advisors, support services, the public sector and industry associations. FinanceEstonia currently unites about 50 enterprises and corporations, four ministers and associations. Our CEO, Mr. Ott Pärna, served as a one of the founding Board Members of FinanceEstonia Foundation.

SmartCap Ltd – 2011-2012

The establishing, operational running and fundraising of the licensed venture capital fund management company with total funds under management of EUR 32m. SmartCap is an investment arm of Estonian Development Fund. SmartCap is currently managing the biggest portfolio of Estonian-originated start-up companies, including GrabCad,, Modesat, Realeyes, Now! Innovations, Cleveron, Sportlyzer, GoliathWind, My!Wind, Cellin Technologies, Intime and BiotaP. SmartCap is also one of the owners of the international business accelerator Startup Wiseguys. Our CEO, Mr. Ott Pärna, served as a one of the founding Board Members of SmarCap Ltd.

Let’s Do It! World – 2011–

Development and international expansion visioning of a civic movement, a network of NGOs and volunteers behind the World Cleanup initiative. World Cleanup 2012 engaged more 8 million volunteers across almost half of the world’s countries. As an organisation, Let’s Do It! World is currently in its international expansion phase looking to establish its institutional presence in all continents. We prefer locations within the campus area of one of the strongest and most proactive universities in the region. We are open for mutually benefiting negotiations in this respect. For possible partnerships, please write to: Our CEO, Mr. Ott Pärna, is a members of Let’s Do It! Foundation Advisiory Board and he supports the expansion and future-visioning activities of the foundation.

Estonian Development Fund – 2007–2011

The establishment and operational management (2007-2011) of the national ‘innovation lab’ established by Parliament to identify new sources of economic growth through foresight, local venture capital and start-up market development and investments into ambitious technology companies. Our CEO, Mr. Ott Pärna, served as the founding CEO of the Fund. The Fund reports annually to the Parliament about its activities, foresight and investment results and the growth opportunities for the Estonian economy.

Sport Year Foundation – 2009–

Establishment and operational management of a civic sport and health activists’ movement. Sport Year is the springboard for creative and scalable sport initiatives like Regional Sport Capitals, National Sport Days, etc. We are continuously piloting our working models in Estonia, developing sustainable and mutually benefiting business models together with our partners, and are planning to launch international activities from 2014 onwards.

Baltic Innovation Fund – BIF – 2011–2012

Together with the European Investment Fund (EIF), our CEO Mr. Ott Pärna supported the initial negotiations and development of the conception of the Pan-Baltic EUR 100m Investment Fund (fund of fund) called Baltic Innovation Fund (BIF) creating equity investment activities to develop a well-functioning Baltic equity financing market. BIF represents a EUR 40 million investment by EIF with each Baltic Government committing EUR 20 million through their respective national agencies – INVEGA in Lithuania, KredEx in Estonia and LGA in Latvia.

International IT Academy – 2009–2011

Leading the background analysis and the industry-academy cooperation initiative to significantly upgrade, internationalise and develop interdisciplinary approaches of ICT education in Estonia (this foresight project was initiated and lead by Ms. Kitty Kubo, currently Head of Future Research at ESTCORP).

MedicineEstonia – 2011

Initiating and executing the foresight project “Estonian Growth Opportunities in Healthcare Services: Opportunities for Estonia’s Export of Health and Wellness Services in the Next Decade” leading to the establishment of the public, private and academic sector cooperation platform MedicineEstonia with the aim to improve the export capability of healthcare and wellness services and strategically coordinate their development activities in Estonia (this foresight project was initiated and lead by Ms. Kitty Kubo, currently Head of Future Research at ESTCORP).

Tallinn Seaplane Harbour – 2009–2010

Exposition design and build for one of the most innovative maritime museums in Europe (Margit Aule, currently Head of Architecture & Exhibit Design at ESTCORP).

Tallinn TV Tower – 2009–2010

Exposition concept and renovation project of one of the top 3 tourist attractions in Estonia (Margit Aule, currently Head of Architecture & Exhibit Design at ESTCORP).

Estonian Venture Capital Association – 2009

Initiating the establishment of the Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association with the aim to vigorously develop the Estonian private equity and venture capital industry and to promote the culture of ambitious entrepreneurship in Estonia (Ott Pärna, currently CEO at ESTCORP).

SeedBooster – 2009

Establishment of the international business accelerator with the objective to unleash the international potential of ambitious business projects and develop them further until they are mature for venture capital financing (Ott Pärna, currently CEO at ESTCORP).

Tehnopol – 2003

Negotiations and establishment of the multiple stakeholder Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol – currently a business environment with more than 150 technology-based companies, including the main R&D unit of Skype, in the campus area of Tallinn University of Technology (Ott Pärna, currently CEO at ESTCORP).

Estonian Design Policy – 2003

Arranging the background analysis, negotiations and drafting the Estonian Design Policy as the basis for later establishment of the Estonian Design Centre – the developer and promoter of the design field, collector and disseminator of information, knowledge and skills of design (Ott Pärna, currently CEO at ESTCORP).