ESTCORP is your innovation partner and provider of policy advice for the future! Using our knowledge, experiences and global networks in practice, we are known for leading many sophisticated assignments in the field of strategy and policy-making. We aim at a fair and sustainable future where innovation – the creation and adoption of new ideas – works for everyone and everywhere.

We are committed to principles that focus on evidence-based and creative experimentation in decision making, both in the business and governmental affairs on a wide range of issues and societal challenges. This page illustrates our team members’ personal practical experiences with difference strategy, policy-making and development assignments over time. For future cooperation, please write to:

Digital Transformation Council of the Ministry of Education and Research / 2018-2020

ESTCORP CEO Dr Ott Pärna is serving the Digital Transformation Council of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia. The combination of education and technology has been considered the main key to human progress. Education feeds technology which in turn forms the basis of education. It is therefore evident that information technology has affected changes to the methods, purpose and perceived potential of education. Information technology is changing learning and teaching practices as well as the educational institution. Properly used, ICT makes both teaching and learning also more accessible, easier, fun and entertaining.

State Organisation Reform Plan / 2015-2019

The ESTCORP team led a civic initiative to prepare a state organisation reform plan of the Republic of Estonia. The plan covered respective trend analysis, vision and goal setting, development policy, state organisation, and civic society issues. As a result of the initiative and four year work in the Parliament of the Republic of Estonia, the Parliament passed the Resolution "Fundamentals of the State Reform and Good Governance" (777OE) on February 20th, 2019.  

Tallinn's bid for European Capital of Innovation Award 2017 "Tallinn - The City Where the Future is Now" / 2017

Team ESTCORP prepared a successful bid "Tallinn - The City Where the Future is Now!" to the 2017 European Capital of Innovation award competition that was was launched in March 2017 for cities with over 100,000 inhabitants from EU Member States and countries associated to Horizon 2020. Thirty-two cities from seventeen countries applied to the competition. The winner and the two runners-up were selected from ten finalists - Paris (the winner), Tallinn and Tel Aviv (runners-up). Tallinn was awarded for its initiative to act as a testing ground for potential breakthrough technologies. The municipality fostered the use of self-driving cars, parcel delivery robots and ride-sharing. Tallinn has also implemented an innovative e-Residency system, which enables local citizens and businesses to work closely together with foreign entrepreneurs. See the Tallinn bid movie:

Tallinn City Government Strategy Unit / 2016-2017

ESTCORP conducted a feasibility study and lead strategy development for the Tallinn City Office's Strategy Unit. Based on the background analyses performed, the Strategy Bureau was officially launches in 2017. The Strategy Office is a coordinating unit for strategic city planning, cross-sectoral forecasting and analysis, and pilot projects. The Strategy Office is also responsible for developing an up-to-date system of urban development documents, co-ordinating the preparation and updating of the city's general development documents and urban development plans. Overall, the Strategy Office provides the Mayor and the Authority with world class evidence and analysis which enable the formulation of policy and strategy in Tallinn the future city. Also, to develop the technology and people-driven narrative for Tallinn as a smart, innovative and digital city.

Tallinn University Open Academy Strategy / 2015-2016

The ESTCORP team was responsible for performing background analysis and developing a strategy for the re-established Open Academy at Tallinn University. The Open Academy, covering lifelong learning, knowledge transfer and business relation areas, is considered to be one of the core functions of the university. The Open Academy follows five priority areas of the university – educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, society and open governance.

TEAM ESTONIA Strategy / 2015

TEAM ESTONIA is a Government coordination and management platform and a ‘sales force’ to execute Estonian foreign economic policy and to attract foreign direct investment (FDI). The ESTCORP team performed background analysis and developed the TEAM ESTONIA strategy for Enterprise Estonia Foundation and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia.

Boosting Economic Development Through Design and Architecture / 2014-2015

The ESTCORP team performed a feasibility study and developed a strategy together with financial projections of how design and architecture could contribute to socio-economic development of the Republic of Estonia. This strategic advisory work for the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia suggested, among other things, to merge four institutions into one: The Museum of Estonian Architecture, the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, the Estonian Centre of Architecture, and the Estonian Design Centre.

MIT Enterprise Forum Nordic & Baltic / 2014-2015

The MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) is a global organisation of dedicated professionals with local chapters, affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through the MIT Technology Review. MITEF strengthens global technology clusters, informs, connects, and coaches technology entrepreneurs – enabling them to rapidly transform ideas into world-changing companies. The ESTCORP team participated in the MITEF Nordic & Baltic feasibility study exercise and strategy development process.

New International Convention Centre / 2013-2014

FLEXI 360 Tallinn is an ongoing project of a new world class International Convention and Exhibition Centre at Tallinn Airport, 2 km from the Tallinn City Centre. Tallinn is one of Northern Europe’s most popular destinations with ca. 2 million annual tourists. Dedicated to delivering inspiring and creatively developed events, the new innovative convention centre is planned to be fully multifunctional and the most technologically advanced in the Nordics. The project is lead by the ESTCORP team together with Mainor Ülemiste Smart City Ltd.

International Information Technology Academy Steering Committee / 2010-2012

To further develop the overall concept of the International Academy of Information Technology, prepare and implement the strategy, the Minister of Education established the Steering Committee of the IT Academy program At the foundation of this work, the aim of the IT Academy was to bring Estonian higher education in ICT to a new, internationally competitive level that meets the needs of both Estonian society and economy in quantity and quality. CEO of ESTCORP Dr Ott Pärna served the Committee from 2010 to 2012.

Higher Education and Science Internationalisation Council / 2010-2012

CEO of ESTCORP, Dr Ott Pärna served the Higher Education and Science Internationalisation Council of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research from 2010 to 2012. During that period, the Council developed a strategy for Priority actions for the internationalisation of higher education and science 2013-2020. The strategy had the following focus-components: Striving for international excellence in some focus areas of science and higher education. Increase in the quality of higher education and science through instruments of internationalisation. Facilitating structural changes in the Estonian economy through science and higher education. Contributing to addressing major socio-economic challenges in the world (climate, energy, aging). Estonia's integration into international education and research networks.

Baltic Innovation Fund – BIF / 2011-2012

Together with the European Investment Fund (EIF), our CEO Mr. Ott Pärna supported the initial negotiations and development of the conception of the Pan-Baltic EUR 100m Investment Fund (fund of fund) called Baltic Innovation Fund (BIF) creating equity investment activities to develop a well-functioning Baltic equity financing market. BIF represents a EUR 40 million investment by EIF with each Baltic Government committing EUR 20 million through their respective national agencies – INVEGA in Lithuania, KredEx in Estonia and LGA in Latvia.

International IT Academy / 2009-2011

Leading the background analysis and the industry-academy cooperation initiative to significantly upgrade, internationalise and develop interdisciplinary approaches of ICT education in Estonia. The work has been done at the time Dr Ott Pärna led the Estonian Development Fund.

Prime Minister's Research & Development Council Innovation Policy Sub-Committee / 2007-2011

The Research and Development Council advises the Government of the Republic of Estonia in matters relating to research and development strategy, thereby directing the systematic development of the national research, development and innovation system. The work of the Council is supported by two permanent committees that focus on the research and development policy and innovation policy. The committees are chaired by the Minister of Education and Research and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, respectively, who submit a report to the Research and Development Council at least once a year on the results of the work of the committees, as well as their agendas for the upcoming period. Dr Ott Pärna served the Innovation Policy Committee from 2007 to 2011.

MedicineEstonia / 2011

Initiating and executing the foresight project “Estonian Growth Opportunities in Healthcare Services: Opportunities for Estonia’s Export of Health and Wellness Services in the Next Decade” leading to the establishment of the public, private and academic sector cooperation platform MedicineEstonia with the aim to improve the export capability of healthcare and wellness services and strategically coordinate their development activities in Estonia. The work has been done at the time Dr Ott Pärna led the Estonian Development Fund.

Tallinn Seaplane Harbour / 2009-2010

Exposition design and build for one of the most innovative maritime museums in Europe (Margit Aule, currently Head of Architecture & Exhibit Design at ESTCORP).

Tallinn TV Tower / 2009-2010

Exposition concept and renovation project of one of the top 3 tourist attractions in Estonia (Margit Aule, currently Head of Architecture & Exhibit Design at ESTCORP).

Estonian Venture Capital Association / 2009

Initiating the establishment of the Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association with the aim to vigorously develop the Estonian private equity and venture capital industry and to promote the culture of ambitious entrepreneurship in Estonia (Ott Pärna, currently CEO at ESTCORP).

Estonian Design Policy / 2003

Arranging the background analysis, negotiations and drafting the Estonian Design Policy as the basis for later establishment of the Estonian Design Centre – the developer and promoter of the design field, collector and disseminator of information, knowledge and skills of design (Ott Pärna, currently CEO at ESTCORP).